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Family camps

Family Camping
what to bring

Our Family Camping experience takes place in two different locations at our site – Our lower campsite is a beautiful grass area which is set with a gigantic mountain backdrop. The second campsite is set in the upper areas of Ark Eden, nestled near an open patio. Both sites boast the views of a a forested valley garden in the foothills of Mui Wo, Lantau Island.

Ark Eden also offers a Family day, where we invite you to bring the family for a day of adventures. Take the opportunity to meet our staff, visit our spectacular site, meet other families and get involved with our activities.  

Family Camping

  • Allow the whole family to come together to explore and enjoy the beautiful Ark Eden site

  • Enjoy perfect camping weather, sit around a fire, tell stories and build lasting memories with your children and other families too!


  • The packages that we offer include everything you will need to enjoy a fun filled adventure weekend, just rock up and relax!

  • Tents are provided and we will organise a campfire, where you can choose to cook over the fire or use the kitchen area for meals

  •  Families will be responsible for bringing their own food, which can be stored in the fridges that we have, and have free use of the utensils

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family day dates:

13/01 - 2024
27/01 - 2024

(more info below)

family camping dates:
13/01 - 14/01
27/01 - 28/01

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  • “I enjoyed the down to earth, get-your-hands-dirty style finding fun and beautiful environments”


  • “My son has attended your camps for the last three summers and had a great time. There is nothing like what Ark Eden offers in HK. Kids get to experience nature and learn outdoor skills while having a blast. It's truly unique.”


  • “I really like that kids get a chance to be kids and explore nature while in a safe environment in HK”

  • Connect with our community & meet our team

  • Let your children play, interact and unleash their wild sides 

  • Get involved with our fun, interactive and educational activities



what to...


Comfortable walking shoes

A hat (a must!)

Long cotton pants (to prevent mozzie bites)

T shirt


Mosquito spray

Sweatshirt or jumper for winter

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Small lightweight backpack (with two straps) containing....

Healthy packed lunch & snack (no nuts please)

Reuseable water bottle (1 - 1.5 L)

Octopus card (topped up)

Raincoat if necessary

Change of clothes

Swimwear & flip flops for summer

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...bring to an
overnight camp

Headlamp or torch with batteries

Small towel

Overnight bag (pully bag or backpack)

Roll mat

Sleeping bag

Pillow case (to be stuffed with clothes as pillow)

Change of clothes (shorts, long trousers, tshirt, sweatshirts)

Extra pair of socks

Extra underwear

Long cotton trousers (to prevent mozzie bites)

Pyjamas & rubber slippers

Small toiletries bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hair brush

Reading book

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