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Forest School

Come learn how to be a forest school educator and get your accreditation with Ark Eden.

A Forest School is a long term facilitated practice of developing a child or an individual’s physical, emotional and social needs through exposing and empowering them through unrestrained, inclusive learning that is based in the outdoors.


Children develop their own resilience, resourcefulness, self-discovery, self-management and compassion, as well as harness their curiosity and capability to learn.

Upcoming Dates

Forest School Level 3 Training

5 days -1st to 5th March 2024

First Aid for a broken arm

First Aid

Get accredited with your Outdoor and Remote locations first aid certificate tailored towards individuals and company staff.


This qualification is designed to provide outdoor incident management skills. Typical delivery methods are predominantly practical, with elements occurring outside in outdoor clothing and on various terrains.

Upcoming Dates

2 Days - 24th & 25th Feb 2024


Play for Peace

Play for Peace is a global organisation that trains community leaders to become peace makers in any place there is conflict by equipping them with cooperative gaming, compassionate inquiry and nonviolent resolution tools.


These skills can be integrated into schools, corporate workplaces, community centres, local organizations or even at home, where trained individuals can facilitate sessions using Play for Peace’s four core values ; cooperation, caring, inclusion, and fun for people to connect, process conflict, learn and grow as a community.

Upcoming Dates

To be announced 

Coming Soon

Continuing Professional Development

Ark Eden provide Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to teachers and educational assistants in order to improve the quality of learning.


Our staff will facilitate training workshops to develop teaching skills, which can be used in the classroom or in the local environment.


This workshop will provide a bank of ideas and training methods for teachers to facilitate experiential, outdoor day adventures, team building games, well being workshops and more.

Upcoming Dates

Coming Soon

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Permaculture Design Certificate

The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) is an internationally renowned 72 hours course that provides the foundations of permaculture design principles and methodology as set forth by the founder of the permaculture movement Bill Mollison.


Our courses run bi-annually and we have a diverse range of international and local teachers coming to share their learning with us.

Upcoming Dates

To be announced

Coming Soon
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